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Safe Schools Initiative
What is it?
Equality Texas Foundation’s Safe Schools Initiative is a program founded by educators and youth education advocates to campaign for changes in the Texas Education Code dealing with bullying and harassment. The Safe Schools Initiative is working to secure the adoption of model policies in Texas independent school districts that address the prevention, intervention, and elimination of bullying and harassment and that are inclusive of sexual orientation and gender identity. We are committed to pursuing the most effective and comprehensive policies to reduce bullying and harassment in schools. Our goal is to research and promote policies that protect students from harm but do not create unnecessary burdens upon students, teachers, administrators, or school districts. We work to establish open channels of communication with professionals, parents, students, and other organizations to ensure that everyone’s concerns are addressed.

What progress has been made on Safe Schools?
In 2005, legislation was passed amending Chapter 37 of the Texas Education Code to require school districts to adopt student codes of conduct. In the summer of 2011, the Texas Legislature passed HB 1942, a new anti-bullying law. HB 1942 amends the definition of bullying to include cyberbullying, requires that each school has a visible anti-bullying policy, and adds new bullying related training to staff development programs and school health curriculums. Implementation of HB 1942 takes effect during the 2012-2013 school year.
On an ongoing basis, the Safe Schools Initiative works to hold schools accountable for ensuring that HB 1942 is fully and effectively implemented.
To learn more about HB 1942, the issue of safety in schools, or to take action please visit our Educate page.


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