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CSSB 205: Relating to school district policies to prohibit bullying, cyberbullying, harassment, and intimidation.

Primary Author: Sen. John Whitmire (D-Houston)

Co-Author: Sen. Wendy Davis (D-Fort Worth)

Background: With innovations in communications and electronics, bullying is finding new platforms every year.  To date, the Texas legislature has failed to adopt modern language addressing the rapidly changing face of bullying in our schools.  Among the issues we seek to address in any comprehensive legislation are: a modern definition of the act of bullying, stronger parental notification requirements, broader accountability within the school system among others.

Committee: Education. 


05/22/2011 - Committee Report Sent to Calendars.
05/21/2011 - Committee Report Filed with Committee Coordinator. Report Distributed.
05/19/2011 - Considered in Formal Meeting, Reported favorably w/o amendment(s).
05/17/2011 - Left Pending in Committee.
05/17/2011 - Considered in Public Hearing, Testimony Taken and Recorded.
05/17/2011 - Scheduled for Public Hearing on May 17, 2011.
05/13/2011 - Posting Rule Suspended.
05/02/2011 - Read First Time and Referred to Education. 
04/26/2011 - House Received from the Senate. 
04/26/2011 - Passed 3rd Reading by a Vote of 29 Yeas to 2 Nays (See: Senate Journal Page 1308-1309) and Reported Engrossed. 
04/19/2011 - Placed on Intent Calendar.
04/19/2011 - Co-Author Authorized. 
04/18/2011 - Reported Favorably as Substituted and Committee Report Printed and Distributed. 
04/13/2011 - Cited as pending bill on Education Committee agenda for April 14, 2011 at 8:30 am or upon final adjournment (Room E1.028).
03/22/2011 - Considered in Public Hearing, Testimony Taken, Left Pending.
03/17/2011 - Scheduled for Public Hearing on March 22, 2011.
11/15/2010 - Filed and Received by the Secretary of the Senate.
01/31/2011 - Senate, Referred to Education.

Equality Texas Position: We support CSSB 205.

Bill History:  Bill History on CS SB 205

Bill Text: 
CS SB 205 - As Engrossed (04/26/2011) (PDF) 
CS SB 205 (04/18/2011) (PDF)

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