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For Immediate Release: Statement by Steven M. Rudner, Equality Texas Board Chairman Opposing Koni Burton’s SB 242 Intended to Force the Outing of LGBTQ Students
Posted on November 18, 2016 at 2:14 pm

Contact: DeAnne Cuellar, 512-474-5475,  

As the parent of a gay child, this one is really simple to me.

If your kid is gay, and can tell his teacher, but hasn’t told you, then you are the problem. If a kid can tell a teacher but not their parent, it is a pretty good indication that your child is scared of you and the consequences of telling you, and you are who the kid needs to be protected from.

Until kids are not kicked out of their house for being gay or transgender, and until kids are not being beaten by parents for being gay or transgender, we owe it to kids to protect them.

We believe Sen. Burton’s legislation would essentially destroy protected communications between a student and an educator. SB 242’s stated intent would force the outing of LGBTQ students. Today we’re asking people to let Senator Burton know they oppose her bill by commenting at: