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2017 Transgender Day of Remembrance

In remembrance of those who have been lost due to transphobia, and to recognize the continued violence against the transgender community, Equality Texas observes Transgender Day of Remembrance with the rest of the world on Monday, November 20th. Every year, the names of those lost are recited at events across the country, and we are honored to partner with organizations throughout our state to offer our solidarity.

In the days leading up to that observance, many communities participate in Transgender Awareness Week to help bring visibility to issues faced by transgender and nonbinary people. Click here to join us at one of these events near you.

This year’s Transgender Day of Remembrance is especially important as we work to end anti-trans violence that has resulted in the loss of four Texans: Chyna Gibson, Kenne McFadden, Stephanie Montez, and Gwynevere River Song. We hope that you will seek out an event in your community to attend and learn more about Texas’ transgender and non-binary community.

We look forward to seeing you.