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Good news in the 2017 Texas Legislative Session
Posted on November 22, 2016 at 11:50 am

Equality Texas is proud to bring you the fifth in our Issue Brief series: Comprehensive Nondiscrimination. As the last in our pre-session series, we want to end on pro-equality legislation we expect to see and are already seeing proposed for 2017. A comprehensive nondiscrimination bill, SB 165, has been proposed along with several others to remove unconstitutionally discriminatory language from current statute and ensure equality for all Texans.

Download Equality Texas’ fifth Issue Brief: Comprehensive Nondiscrimination today!

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With your help, and the help of other fair-minded Texans, we will achieve our vision of a state where all Texans are treated equally with dignity and respect.

Keep up to date with legislation Equality Texas supports and opposes in the 2017 Legislative Session through our Legislative Action Center.