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Google Sheet for Brad

Brad inquired…

So Debi decided to do a little research.
Yes! There is a way to use a plug-in to share a Google sheet on your WordPress site.
However, you can also Publish to Web directly from your Google sheet and grab the embed code.

Holy Sheet! 

So here is the test that I have created just for Brad to see…

Amazing, yes? But a bit bland. That’s no bueno.

So while Brad gets excited at all of his new publishing possibilities, Debi is going to look into customizing the code to add a frame or something else to jazz things up.

Take it away, Brad!

Publish your sheets with these simple steps…

  1. Make sure your Google Sheet is published and available for everyone to see.
  2. In the top left corner, click on File, and from the dropdown menu select Publish to the Web.
  3. To get the iframe, it’s important to select the Embed tab.
  4. Choose whether to publish the entire document or just the individual sheets.
  5. Click that Publish button.
  6. Copy the little chunk of embed code and send it to Debi.