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Merry Merry Martini Mixer to Benefit Equality Texas’ Lobbying & Advocacy Efforts
Posted on January 27, 2011 at 10:58 pm

AUSTIN, Texas (January 27, 2011) – The 82nd Session of the Texas Legislature is now underway and Equality Texas (EQTX) is raising funds to continue its efforts to make Texas a state where all are treated equally with dignity and respect. The Merry Merry Martini Mixer is the first opportunity for equality supporters to mingle together in 2011 and financially support EQTX. The Mixer is January 29, 2011 in Austin at the Sheraton Austin Hotel at the Capitol beginning at 8 p.m.. Texans from all walks of life will be there enjoying signature martinis, gourmet tastes of some of Austin’s finest chefs, music and fun for everyone! Tickets can be purchased online at Tickets will be available at the door as well.

Financially supporting EQTX now is extremely important because the advocacy organization is lobbying for passage of several bills pending in the Legislature that could improve the lives of millions of Texans:

Senate Bill 245 – Anti-Bullying
Author: Senator Wendy Davis
Description: Amends the Education Code to develop policies, programs, and training for the prevention and reporting of bullying. This bill adds cyberbullying to the Education Code. [More on SB 245]

House Bill 172- Hate Crimes Study
Author: Representative Marc Veasey
Description: Amends the Code of Criminal Procedure to require a study of the effectiveness of the James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Act. [More on HB 172]

House Bill 208- Insurance Non-Discrimination
Author: Representative Roberto Alonzo
Description: Amends the Insurance Code to prohibit discrimination in providing insurance based on sexual orientation or gender identity/expression. [More on HB 208]

House Bill 415-Accurate Birth Certificates
Author: Representative Rafael Anchia
Description: Amends the Health & Safety Code to allow adopted children with two mothers or two fathers to have both parent’s names on their birth certificate. [More on HB 415]

House Bill 604-Repeal of the Offense of Homosexual Conduct
Author: Representative Jessica Farrar
Description: Repeals §21.06 of the Penal Code, the Homosexual Conduct Law declared unconstitutional by the United States Supreme Court.[More on HB 604]

House Bill 665-Employment Non-Discrimination
Author: Representative Michael Villarreal
Description: Amends the Labor Code to prohibit discrimination in employment based on sexual orientation and gender identity or expression. [More on HB 665]

2011 Merry Merry Martini Mixer sponsors include:

Ketel One, Smartini, Do512, L Style G Style, Lew Aldridge, Olivia, Zocolo Café and the Texas Lonestar Rollergirls.

As a non-partisan organization with more than two decades of rich history, Equality Texas has established itself as a policy and advocacy authority at the Texas Capitol and across the state. Equality Texas has achieved bipartisan support while accomplishing a strong legislative agenda. The organization successfully works for inclusive policies at the local and state levels.