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Our Love Looks Like…
Posted on March 8, 2016 at 3:23 pm


Our Love Looks Like…
…kindness and beauty and truth and unconditional acceptance of each other.
…caring for each other so deeply that it constantly blows your mind that you could love someone so much.
…never being able to have enough hours in the day to spend together or enough time to share all we want to share.
…feeling so proud to be with someone that everything that other people might think or say against that love fades into the background.
…your heart beating faster knowing you are about to see your person.
…your heart and soul feeling full knowing that you get to spend the rest of your life with each other.
…a place where even the day to day tasks like grocery shopping are better when done together.
…knowing we always have each others backs. ALWAYS.
…A family that is so full of love. A family blended together with love. And a family that is excited to grow and learn together…FOREVER.

Our love: A True love. A Real love. An Honest love. An Unconditional love.

We are so blessed in our lifetime now with the freedom and the right to be able to marry one another and marry our families together.  We can show our three daughters that they too can love whomever they choose, and we can be a shining example for them. Love this big and this beautiful should be shared.

Our favorite love story is ours.


Alissa and Keri

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