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Special Session 3 Starts Monday: Now is the time to get involved
Posted on September 17, 2021 at 5:28 pm

The third special session of the Texas legislature will gavel-in this Monday, September 20, 2021. Of the five agenda items, one is the baseless, cruel anti-transgender sports ban. As school administrators debate whether or not it’s safe to even keep schools open, Governor Abbott wants the Texas legislature to debate whether or not transgender kids deserve to play k-12 sports with their friends. 

Transgender kids, their families, and their advocates have been dealing with near constant legislative attacks since the first anti-transgender youth bill was filed last November. In 11 months, close to 70 bills attacking the LGBTQ+ community have been filed — almost 50 of those target transgender kids.

Join us at the Capitol this session to protest the Texas Legislature’s continued targeting of the LGBTQ+ community. We’re planning several in-person events starting this Monday so that legislators can truly comprehend the sheer number of attacks on the community in 2021. Sign up for our Rapid Response list to get updates about upcoming events.

The kids and families directly involved in the fight know each and every one of these bill numbers by heart. They know that if passed, these bills will make every day they stay in Texas more difficult and more dangerous. The sheer volume of bills means that every time one dies, there’s always another to watch and worry over.

Beyond passage, each of these bills represents a person in power willing to cause their family harm just to please fringe organizations, some whose members truly believe transgender children should not exist.

Join our Rapid Response list to know when to join us at the Capitol. If you can’t make it to the Capitol, join our tweetstorm on Monday to amplify the united opposition to yet another special session attacking transgender kids.

We’re beginning to see the lasting effects of politicians relentlessly re-filing anti-transgender bills and fear mongering about transgender youth in political newsletters, official statements, and fundraising appeals. There are devastating reports of:

  • more aggressive bullying in schools,
  • teachers being pressured to “out” their transgender students, and
  • increased calls to LGBTQ+ crisis hotlines.

These are the very real consequences of making political pawns out of already marginalized children.

Texans have had enough of picking on transgender kids. The time to fight is now — we can’t wait until a bill takes effect to take notice. This next session will have 30 more days of opportunities to share your voice and make a difference. It’s unlikely that there will be another special session after this one. Now is the time to get involved, whether it’s making your first call to a legislative office, sending in written testimony, chipping in $5, or coming to rally with us at the Capitol. We’re determined to continue holding the line, but we can’t do it alone. Join us.