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Urgent: Make Them Feel Surrounded!
Posted on August 8, 2018 at 8:04 pm


While Texas Senators Ted Cruz and John Cornyn are home for the August recess, they need to hear constantly from the LGBTQ community and its allies about our opposition to the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to a lifetime appointment on the U.S. Supreme Court!

Here are a few things you can do to make sure they get the message that Texans don’t support Kavanaugh’s confirmation:

Call their Texas offices while they’re home for the break. August 9 is National Call In Day to #StopKavanaugh. You can find the number for Ted Cruz’s office in your region here and for John Cornyn’s office in your region here.

Drop by the district office and leave a letter for the Senator letting him know why you oppose Kavanaugh’s confirmation and asking him to vote NO. (Here’s our statement if you need inspiration!) Find Ted Cruz’s office in your region here and John Cornyn’s office in your region here.

Show up at Ted Cruz’s campaign events and tell him personally about your opposition to Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

Post on social media and tag the Senators with your message: “Welcome home, Senator. As a Texan, I don’t support Kavanaugh’s confirmation and urge you to vote NO.”

This may be the last time our Senators are home before Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings begin! We need to make sure they hear us, loud and clear.

Take action today!

The Equality Texas Team

P.S.Feeling really fired up and want to do more? Make calls from home to voters in key states and transfer them to their Senator’s office to leave a #StopKavanaugh message.