Ending Discrimination
Ending Discrimination
Let’s Protect LGBTQ+ Texans from Discrimination

In Texas, we embrace hard work, the belief in opportunity for all, and treating others like we want to be treated. Discrimination toward anyone, including gay and transgender people—is out of line with values Texans hold dear.

All Texans should have the rights to provide for themselves and their families, to live in a safe place, and to access public spaces, safely and without fear of losing these rights because of who they are or whom they love. Though we believe that everyone should be treated equally, our laws do not always reflect that belief.

  • Most Texans believe that gay and transgender people should be protected in the workplace and many believe that it’s already illegal to fire someone solely for being gay or transgender. But in Texas, it is completely legal to do just that—terminate an employee, even though that person is performing satisfactorily, because of their sexual orientation or gender identity or expression.
  • The lack of safety for LGBTQ+ Texans in Texas classrooms, public accommodations, health care facilities, and other spaces fosters an un-Texan culture of bias and prejudice.
  • Hardworking Texans who do their job and are working to provide for themselves and their families have no protection from being fired because they identify as LGBTQ+. And this practice puts our state at a disadvantage when attracting and keeping a talented workforce that believes in diversity and equality.

Texas will be at its strongest when discrimination is prohibited in employment, housing, and public accommodations and all Texans are treated fairly and equally.