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3 Ways You Can Celebrate Marriage Equality
Posted on June 24, 2016 at 5:03 pm

Together, we’ve experienced every emotion this month. Even though the horrific loss of so many LGBTQ people in Orlando still weighs heavy on our hearts – now, more than ever, it is a time to come together. While we mourn, we must also celebrate our successes and look ahead.

On Thursday, a Texas coalition of businesses that want the Lone Star state to be more LGBT-friendly hit a major milestone. Texas Competes’ Managing Director Jessica Shortall confirmed that the group has surpassed 1000 signers with its pro-business pledge since the group’s April 2015 launch.

This Sunday, we celebrate one year of Marriage Equality and remember that love wins.

While the Texas legislature does not convene for another six months, all of us at Equality Texas are already hard at work laying the foundation to defeat a massive wave of incoming discriminatory legislation. With your help and support, we will demand long-sought and much needed comprehensive statewide nondiscrimination protections.

Here are 3 ways you can celebrate Marriage Equality this weekend:

Commemorate Marriage Equality Events

Love Ignites on June 26th, Lighting a Path for a Brighter Tomorrow. Attend one of our Texas-sized celebrations that dance in the face of hate, and love in the face of anger.



Traditionally the First Wedding Anniversary Gift is Paper

Give a gift in honor of Marriage Equality! We need to raise $25,000 before the start of the 85th legislative session to ensure that we have the necessary resources to work with lawmakers on bills that support LGBTQ people and to stop bills that would harm LGBTQ Texans and their families. So we’ve created multiple ways for you to commemorate one year of Marriage Equality with a one time donation. Your contribution helps us build a state of equality in Texas:

  • $25 provides a thank you letter to lawmakers in Texas who champion our legislative agenda for full equality.
  • $50 sponsors someone to attend one of our upcoming advocacy days where they can meet face-to-face with the lawmakers who represent them.
  • $100 supports our communications teams working 24/7 to tell your stories that change hearts and minds across the state.
  • $250 provides one week of travel for our field organizers who work tirelessly to identify and support LGBTQ champions of equality throughout the state.

Join Us for Spirit of Texas Brunch 2016

As you know – The Spirit of Texas Brunch is an important statewide initiative that brings together influential LGBTQ and ally Texans, speakers, and award honorees for an enjoyable champagne brunch to celebrate diversity! The Brunch is Equality Texas’ annual celebration and an opportunity for you to make a meaningful impact on improving the lives of Texas’ diverse lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender population. Early bird general admission tickets and sponsorship packages are now available!

We are still far from full equality for Texans. In Texas, some of us are more equal than others. All of us at Equality Texas will never stop loving and never stop fighting for fairness and equality for all LGBTQ Texans throughout the state. With your help, together we will conquer inequality.