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Action Alert: Oppose HB 623
Posted on January 8, 2015 at 9:42 pm


Rep. Cecil BellHouse Bill 623 by Rep. Cecil Bell would punish state employees who comply with any future court order requiring Texas to recognize the freedom to marry.Contact Rep. Bell and tell him you oppose HB 623 using our ACTION CENTER.

The bill would revoke all salary, benefits and pensions – punishing a public servant for following the law.

Federal Courts have increasingly found that state prohibitions on the freedom to marry violate constitutional protections of equal protection under the law. In anticipation of federal courts finding Texas’ anti-marriage laws unconstitutional, HB 623 punishes state employees who would follow the law by issuing marriage licenses to loving couples. The bill would also attempt to exempt the State of Texas from constitutional requirements.

Tell Cecil Bell that Texas and Texans respect the constitution, respect the rule of law and respect the right of loving couples to make their own decisions absent unnecessary government intervention. Visit our Action Center HERE, and either use the suggested language provided or, better yet, write your own letter to Rep. Bell.