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Posted on August 1, 2017 at 4:20 pm

There are no more illusions, supporter. Governor Abbott has publicly admitted “bathroom bills” are about targeting transgender people for discrimination.

Yet still every day he is ramping up the pressure on state lawmakers to advance these discriminatory bills.

He’s given us no choice but to ramp up pressure too. And that’s why we’re proud to announce our new click-to-call advocacy tool. This makes it easier than ever for grassroots supporters like you to speak directly to your lawmakers and urge them to reject anti-transgender “bathroom bills.”

See it for yourself: Click here to check out this new cutting edge click-to-call tool and contact your lawmakers—right now—to voice your opposition to the dangerous slew of “bathroom bills.”

Here’s how it works: Click the link and input your phone number and other contact information. Our system will then call your phone and give you a brief set of instructions before patching you through to the direct phone lines of your elected officials. Once you’re connected you can use this script to speak out against discriminatory “bathroom bills”:

Hi, my name is FIRST NAME LAST NAME. I live in CITY and I am a constituent of LAWMAKER’S NAME. I am calling to say that I oppose “bathroom bill” legislation like SB 3, HB 46, and HB 50 which squarely target transgender people—some of our most vulnerable community members—for discrimination. I urge the Representative/Senator to reject these bills, too.

It’s as simple as that. And the more we flood the phone lines of our elected officials, the better able we are to counter Gov. Abbott’s reprehensible attempts to strong-arm lawmakers into voting to pass these bills.

Help us ramp up the pressure, supporter. Click here to input your information and start calling your representatives right now.

They say a simple phone call is one of the most powerful advocacy tools of our time. Your voice can have a real impact on defeating “bathroom bills”—it’s time to use it.