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A Father’s Day Message from Equality Texas
Posted on June 19, 2016 at 6:30 am

In this difficult time when the need for unconditional love and acceptance couldn’t be greater, Equality Texas is honoring all our fathers in Texas. This Father’s Day, Equality Texas is celebrating and honoring all of our fathers in Texas who devote their lives to making Texas a safer place for their kids.  Father’s Day is a celebration for the love, guidance, wisdom and unconditional love a father gives to his children.

Equality Texas Board Chair Steve Rudner is one of those fathers who gives unconditional love to his daughter and his twin sons.

Steve is a straight man who is an ally in the fight for equality in Texas. He joined our cause for equal rights for every Texan to fight for his son. One of his sons is gay and one is straight.  Listen to his Father’s Day message about compassion, unconditional love and a question- Why would one son be treated differently than the other in a society when all of our citizens should be treated equally under the law?