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For Immediate Release: Rockwall, Texas Anti-LGBT Bathroom Ordinance Defeated
Posted on May 2, 2016 at 9:55 pm

Contact: DeAnne Cuellar,, @deannecuellar

Rockwall, Texas effort to discriminate against LGBT Texans has failed.

Rockwall residents told their city council tonight that the Rockwall they love is not a city that would support discrimination.

They made it clear that there is no factual basis or need for a “potty police” ordinance that would open the city up to lawsuits and damage its reputation.

Residents demanded the council produce data that would demonstrate the existence of a problem to be solved. And in the absence of such evidence, they voted “no” on a policy that was not fully inclusive or fair-minded.

Discrimination has no place, anywhere in Texas. Small town Texas values were on fine display and Rockwall shows what Texas is really all about. Local communities.