Our Pledge to Anti-Racism
Protected: Get Involved at the Capitol
Protected: Get Involved at the Capitol

Every other year, Texans get the opportunity to change the laws of our state and create the world we want to see. The Texas legislative session spans 140 days and opens the door both to progress and attacks on our LGBTQ+ community. As the largest statewide organization fighting for LGBTQ+ rights in Texas, Equality Texas is your resource for issue education, action alerts, and how to make your voice heard.

Below are some resources for the 2021 Texas Legislative Session.

Whether you live in Austin or elsewhere, all Texans deserve to have a voice at the Legislature, and Equality Texas is dedicated on guiding and ensuring that opportunity. We have many volunteer opportunities available. Whether you volunteer with Equality Texas or contact your legislator via email or phone, your voice and your concerns should be heard.

Become an Equality Texan so that you are ready to take action with us at a moment’s notice and to receive updates throughout the legislative session. Share your story with us today, so that we can work with you to get your story in front of people who need to hear it.

There is truth in the saying that there is strength in numbers. That’s why we have open letters regarding several issues in front of legislators that members of our community-at-large can sign. These letters address proposed legislation and send a message that equality is a Texas value. Please share these letters with community leaders so that voices from across the state are heard.