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I was assaulted for being transgender
Posted on August 5, 2017 at 7:50 pm

Discriminatory “bathroom bills” are dangerous, friend.

I know this first hand because two weeks ago, I was held up at gunpoint, beaten, and robbed. My attackers later told police that they assaulted me because I’m transgender.

This is the climate that elected officials like Gov. Abbott and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick are breeding when they push discriminatory “bathroom bills.” These bills send a despicable message across Texas that transgender people like me are not worth protecting and that the state will turn a blind eye if something ever happens to us.

“Bathroom bills” aren’t about making Texas safer. They’re about making Texas more dangerous for people like me.

That’s why the work of Equality Texas is so important. They’re mobilizing the grassroots movement we need to defeat these bills. But right now, the House could advance an anti-transgender “bathroom bill” at any moment—and Equality Texas needs your help to keep the pressure on until the end of special session on August 17th.

Chip in $3 now and for the next 36 hours only it will be doubled on the spot to fund the fight against anti-transgender “bathroom bills.”

Being transgender in America takes courage. Discrimination and violence against our community is rampant. But I still never imagined I would be assaulted just because of who I am.

Being held at gunpoint is the single-most terrifying experience of my entire life. I’m lucky to be here today.

But I wasn’t going to let my attackers silence me. I’ve spent countless hours at the State Capitol, and I’ve had personal conversations with every single Texas state lawmaker. I’ve used up all of my vacation time in the fight to stop anti-transgender “bathroom bills.”

And I’m not going to stop now on account of my brutal assault—because then, the other side wins.

The only way to beat discriminatory “bathroom bills” is to speak out and make sure fair-minded Texans know the real threat of this heinous legislation. And every dollar donated to Equality Texas gives them the funds they need to connect with and activate thousands of grassroots supporters in the fight to stop state-sanctioned discrimination.

For 36 hours only you can double your impact. Chip in $3 now and a generous donor will match it, up to $15,000.

Chip in for the transgender people in your lives who deserve fair and equal protections under the law. And if you don’t know a transgender person, chip in for me.

Stephanie Martinez for Equality Texas

PS. If you haven’t already seen my story, you can read about my experience overcoming assault to advocate for transgender rights, here.