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Kimberly & Kai Shappley: Then and Now
Posted on March 29, 2018 at 3:07 pm


If you’ve not yet met Kimberly Shappley, our Faith Outreach Coordinator, and her daughter Kai, watch their original story from July, 2016.


Where are they now? After she helped defeat the bathroom bill, Kimberly Shappley packed up her family and left Pearland so her daughter could be free to be her authentic self. See how this mama bear is keeping her family safe.

No Texan should have to leave the home they’ve known their entire life just to feel safe.

No one should have to start life over and go somewhere else because they cannot get the support they need to be safe.

It’s not OK that we allow hate to continue to grow in our state.

When you attack one Texan, you attack all Texans. 

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