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Make full equality for all LGBTQ Texans a priority NOW!
Posted on October 25, 2017 at 5:09 pm

The leader who doesn’t “want the suicide of a single Texan” on his hands is leaving the Texas House of Representatives. This morning, Speaker of the Texas House Joe Straus announced he will not be running for reelection. Equality Texas is now more vital than ever.

We must work tirelessly to ensure that opponents of equal treatment do not take control of the Texas House of Representatives. Make full equality for all LGBTQ Texans a priority with a $5 donation right now.

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  • Voter mobilization

The leadership vacuum created by this morning’s announcement sparks a frenzy of voices scrambling for power. The Speaker’s race is wide open and will be determined in large part by whether reasonable or extremist candidates win primary elections this coming March. Equality Texas refuses to slow down in combating extremists and achieving our mission of full equality for LGBTQ Texans.

Help us keep going strong with a $5 donation today!

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