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Our phones MUST stay on!
Posted on August 11, 2017 at 2:47 pm
Phone lines are ringing off the hook at the Capitol.

Every day, we’re generating 600 phone calls to lawmakers urging them to reject anti-transgender “bathroom bills.” And it’s working! There’s been no movement on “bathroom bills” since July 27th.

But we have to keep it that way. With legislators planning on working through the weekend—and only 5 working days left in special session—we’ve got to keep our phone program up and running through Sunday night. And right now, we’re short on funds.

It costs $12,000 to run our phone program through the weekend. Right now, we have a generous donor willing to match every single donation up to $6,000 if we can raise the rest—but we need all gifts in the door by midnight TOMORROW.

Rush a $6 donation right now to keep our phone program up and running through the weekend to keep anti-transgender “bathroom bills” stalled.

We know that Dan Patrick and his extremist cronies will stop at nothing to ram through “bathroom bill” legislation. And with only 5 days left in special session—his window of opportunity is closing.

We are confident he is strategizing a sneak attack. We don’t know what he’ll do—but we know that if we let up pressure for one second, he could win.

That’s why, at this pivotal moment in the campaign, it is absolutely critical that we keep our phone program running strong. We’ve got to keep 600+ phone calls flooding into the State Capitol every day from now through the weekend. And to do that: We need money.

Rush a $6 donation right now—before the Saturday midnight deadline—and it will be matched to make $12. All we need is 1,000 small-time donors to hit our fundraising goal and keep the phones ringing off the hook all weekend in the fight to defeat anti-transgender “bathroom bills.”

They say phone calls are the single-most effective way for grassroots supporters to effect change. So far, we’ve been proving them right. Now, we need your help to keep the program up and running.

Thanks for chipping in.