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take-action-buttonSB 165 by Rodriguez|Garcia|Hinojosa|Whitmire – Prohibiting discrimination in employment, housing, public accommodations, and state contracting


take-action-button  SB 6 by Kolkhorst – Discriminatory “Transgender Bathroom Bill” prohibiting transgender Texans from using restroom and changing facilities consistent with their gender identity.  Read the Bill Fact Sheet.  Read about the Committee Hearing Process.


take-action-buttonSB 89 by Hall – Providing for the state of Texas to refuse to enforce any federal law deemed to violate the Texas Constitution



take-action-buttonSB 92 by Hall – Preemption of local control bill prohibiting any local authority from providing nondiscrimination protections not otherwise provided in state law; repealing any existing local protections that are broader than state law.


take-action-buttonSB 242 by Burton – Providing that upon the request of a parent, a school employee shall disclose any personal, direct, or incidental knowledge regarding a child.