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All-out assault on LGBTQ Texans

Discriminatory legislation is moving quickly through the Texas Legislature

  • HB 3859, a bill allowing adoption, foster, and child welfare providers that receive state funding (your tax dollars) to decline service to LGBTQ Texans or anyone who runs afoul of the providers’ sincerely held religious belief
  • SB 2078, a bill about school emergency operation plans that was turned into an anti-transgender bathroom bill

We must do everything we can to prevent these measures from becoming law. Of the 24 anti-LGBTQ pieces of legislation proposed this Legislative Session, the 2 above are an imminent and real threat.

Help us in our fight!

Equality Texas serves as the largest nonpartisan statewide political advocacy organization lobbying the Texas Legislature for the elimination of discrimination the LGTBQ community continues to face.

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