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ACTION ALERT: Immediate Action Needed!
Posted on May 20, 2015 at 10:53 am

Building a State of Equality in Texas


Rep. Cecil Bell’s HB4105 could be coming back as an amendment!

On Thursday, State Rep. Cecil Bell may attempt to amend his “Defy the Supreme Court” bill HB4105 onto another bill being voted on the House floor, SB2065 – the “Clergy Protection Act”.

No clergy member should ever be compelled to marry anyone that is not in conformity with the tenets of their faith – this is a constitutionally-protected right.

However, adding an amendment that instructs the state of Texas to ignore or defy a ruling by the United States Supreme Court is mean-spirited, misguided, will cost Texas taxpayers millions of dollars in litigation costs, and is ultimately doomed to failure.

Urge your State Representative and Speaker Joe Straus to reject the Cecil Bell amendment.

The Cecil Bell amendment would put Texas on a collision course with the Supreme Court. Don’t waste our tax dollars.

Tell your Representative to vote “NO” on the Cecil Bell amendment to SB2065.