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Queer Texas Crisis Fund

We launched the QTCF in 2020, in partnership with the Texas Pride Impact Funds, to provide COVID-19 pandemic support to organizations across Texas who were offering critical direct services to our communities during a time of high demand and uncertainty.

In 2022, we are relaunching this emergency aid campaign to provide families of transgender youth assistance as they navigate the relentless assault by our state leaders. Transgender youth live and belong here in Texas and deserve the respect and dignity we all do. These attacks on families of transgender kids, transgender people and those who love them are part of a global campaign attacking trans youth and are grounded in prejudice and misinformation. We will continue to fight to protect the trans young people and their families who have always been in Texas and deserve to be here. All kids, regardless of race, class, genders, sexual orientation, or ability, deserve to live happy and authentic lives without government intrusion. The effort in Texas to ban life-saving care is outrageous and an abuse of power.

We hope to provide some level of reprieve to families who need it most throughout our state. Please scroll down further to make a donation.