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Tell the house: No on HB 46 & HB 50!
Posted on July 29, 2017 at 7:06 am

While the Senate rushed through a discriminatory bathroom bill this week, Governor Abbott was busy devising a plan of his own:

He’s demanding that members of the House sign on to HB 46 and HB 50—two bathroom bills prohibiting municipalities and school districts from protecting transgender Texans in public facilities—before the end of the day today.

Right now, your representative is under serious pressure to support these horrible anti-transgender bills. Rush a message urging them to say NO to HB 46 and HB 50!Don’t for one second think HB 46 and HB 50 are any less terrible or discriminatory than the bathroom bill that passed out of the Senate this week.

If these bathroom bills passed, they would completely upend transgender-inclusive non-discrimination ordinances in Texas municipalities like Fort Worth and Dallas. HB 46 & HB 50 would force school districts to discriminate against transgender students. And they would pose the same devastating risks to our economy by sending a message that Texas is closed for business.

Governor Abbott is hoping we won’t notice as he gears up to force these heinous bathroom bills through the House in the coming days. John, we can’t let him get away with this.

Members of the House are deciding right now if they’ll sponsor HB 46 and HB50. Send a message now to speak out against these bills targeting transgender Texans—before it’s too late!

Every single day of this special session, we must remain vigilant to defeat whatever shameful attacks our lawmakers may throw at us.