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This is what we’re up against
Posted on July 12, 2017 at 5:56 pm

Last night while debating in favor of a discriminatory bathroom bill on a Dallas TV station, Rep. Scott Sanford took it too far. It wasn’t enough for him to simply back this dangerous legislation—he wanted to target transgender youth himself.

Late in the debate, Rep. Sanford was presented with the fact that 40% of transgender youth will attempt suicide. He then had the audacity to claim that this wasn’t because of discrimination—it’s because of “mental illness.” And even worse: He told courageous parents and teachers who accept and love transgender youth for who they are that they’re committing child abuse.

I hate to even share this with you, {{FirstName or ‘Supporter’}}, because it’s so offensive. But with special session starting on Tuesday, you have to know what we’re going to be up against—and when lawmakers spew these hateful messages, they have to know we’ll hold them accountable.

Don’t let Rep. Sanford’s fear-mongering go unchecked. Send a message now letting Texas lawmakers know what “bathroom bills” are really about: Making life harder for transgender Texans. 

Imagine being so obsessed with pushing your divisive, political agenda targeting vulnerable children that you could dare claim that incredible moms like Kimberly Shappley—who would do anything to protect her transgender daughter Kai—that she’s committing child abuse.

But that’s the reality we’re facing when lawmakers return to Austin on Tuesday. Anti-LGBTQ extremists like Rep. Sanford don’t care how much they have to lie while they spend each and every day scaring their colleagues into supporting these horrible bathroom bills.

So starting right now, we’re going to send a message too—that when lawmakers tell these disgusting lies about who transgender people are, Equality Texas supporters will be there. We’ll hold them accountable. And we’ll never stop speaking up for what’s right.

Let your lawmakers know: Texans are watching—and we aren’t buying these discriminatory lies. Send a message now voicing your opposition to bathroom bills in next week’s special session.