Equality Fellows
Leadership Development Program
Equality Fellows Leadership Development Program

The Equality Fellows Program is a Leadership Development program aimed at providing individuals with the skills, education, and tools necessary to be active citizens. Not only will fellows channel their individual power, they will also work to build collective power with their new skills—advocating for LGBTQIA rights in Texas. Participants in this six-month program will complete various training modules including:

  • What is Civic Engagement
  • Lege 101 & 201
  • The life of a Bill in Texas
  • Preparing for Testimony
  • Lobby Visits
  • The Power of Story Telling
  • How to Pivot

The Fellows program is designed to meet you where you are in your advocacy journey. Whether you have engaged in advocacy before or a complete novice, this program will prepare you to champion meaningful change in Texas during the legislative session and uplift critical issues your community is facing.

Testimonials from Past Fellows