Queer the Vote, Y’all!
Queer the Vote, Y’all!

We have an opportunity to create a state that reflects our values and priorities. We must come together and fight for the state we want. Now is the time to act with your vote. It is your civil right and your civic duty. We cannot sit this out.


Equality Texas urges our members to support the following candidates in the November 6, 2018 general elections:


Beto O'Rourke

Beto O’Rourke (El Paso)

US Senate

Democratic Party



Lupe Valdez

Lupe Valdez (Dallas)

Texas Governor

Democratic Party


Mike Collier (Houston)

Lt. Governor

Democratic Party

Justin Nelson

Justin Nelson (Austin)

Texas Attorney General

Democratic Party

Judge Steven Kirkland

Judge Steven Kirkland (Houston)

Texas Supreme Court Place 2

Democratic Party


Lorie Burch

Lorie Burch (Plano)

US Congress District 3

Democratic Party


Lizzie Pannill Fletcher (Houston)

US Congress District 7

Democratic Party

Veronica Escobar

Veronica Escobar (El Paso)

US Congress District 16

Democratic Party


Joseph Kopser (Austin)

US Congress District 21

Democratic Party

Gina Ortiz Jones

Gina Ortiz Jones (San Antonio)

US Congress District 23

Democratic Party


Julie Oliver (Austin)

US Congress District 25

Democratic Party


Eric Holguin (Corpus Christi)

US Congress District 27

Democratic Party


Sylvia Garcia (Houston)

US Congress District 29

Democratic Party

MJ Hegar

MJ Hegar (Round Rock)

US Congress District 31

Democratic Party

Colin Allred

Colin Allred (Dallas)

US Congress District 32

Democratic Party


Kendall Scudder

Kendall Scudder (Dallas)

Texas Senate District 2

Democratic Party

Mark Phariss

Mark Phariss (Plano)

Texas Senate District 8

Democratic Party

Beverly Powell

Beverly Powell (Burleson)

Texas Senate District 10

Democratic Party

Nathan Johnson

Nathan Johnson (Dallas)

Texas Senate District 16

Democratic Party


Sheryl Cole (Austin)

Texas House District 46

Democratic Party


Vikki Goodwin (Austin)

Texas House District 47

Democratic Party

Rep Mary Gonzalez

Rep. Mary Gonzalez (Clint)

Texas House District 75

Democratic Party


Terry Meza (Irving)

Texas House District 105

Democratic Party

Rep. Victoria Neave (Dallas)

Texas House District 107

Democratic Party

Joanna Cattanach (Dallas)

Texas House District 108

Democratic Party

Brandy Chambers (Garland)

Texas House District 112

Democratic Party

John Turner (Dallas)

Texas House District 114

Democratic Party

Julie Johnson

Julie Johnson (Addison)

Texas House District 115

Democratic Party


Rep. Sarah Davis (Houston)

Texas House District 134

Republican Party

Adam Milasincic (Spring Branch)

Texas House District 138

Democratic Party


Suzanne Smith (Dallas)

State Board of Education District 12

Democratic Party


Danielle Skidmore (Austin)

Austin City Council District 9


Equality Texas is a lobbying and advocacy organization that, by law, can have limited involvement in electoral political activity. Equality Texas can make candidate endorsements to its members, who include its email subscribers, as well as website and social media followers. Equality Texas can also educate the public about issues of interest and where candidates stand on the issues. In the 2018 primaries, Equality Texas urged its members to support the 7 primary candidates endorsed by the Texas Equity PAC, plus an additional 3 candidates in federal races. All 10 endorsed primary candidates successfully advanced to the general election. To date, Equality Texas has endorsed the 19 general election candidates supported by Texas Equity PAC, plus an additional 11 federal candidates, for a total of 30 general election candidate endorsements.

Also see the general public endorsements made by our political action committee, the Texas Equity PAC, in state and local races.

What will you do? Volunteer here.

Last Day to Register to Vote in November General Election: Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Early Voting: October 22 to November 2, 2018

General Elections: Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Queer the Vote, Y’all!